March 25, 2015

In honor of...

How does time go so fast? I last wrote this blog six months ago. The next post, Meeting Matt, was to be written long before now, and was to be about our first meeting after he contacted me. Then life got busy...fall flew by...and then the holidays...and suddenly it's spring. The blink of an eye, and six months have passed. 

I have not retired my blog! The post Meeting Matt is still coming. I can't believe it, but a whole year has passed since that amazing day. As I've been working on writing about it, I've reminded myself: we waited nearly 36 years to meet each other, and as far as I'm concerned, it will never be too late to continue the story! But for today I'm sharing another important piece of my life.

It's now about 1:00 a.m. Yesterday, March 24th, was the anniversary of my mom's passing, and I wrote a post on my Facebook page to honor her memory. Writing it late in the day on my computer at work, nearly everyone had left, and it was quiet, and I was free to think about my mom, wiping my eyes as I wrote. And I decided I wanted to include it here as well.

So, stay with me - soon I will post Meeting Matt. I hope you join me for the continued story. But for now, a little about my mom...

~ ~ ~
March 24, 2015
Mae at age 25 ~ 1948

Three years ago today my mom, Mae, left this world. Just two weeks short of age 89, she was one "tough cookie" -- always as independent as possible despite her mobility limitations, she was beyond resilient, bouncing back many times from health challenges. Forever a "people person", she always had friends of all ages -- in more recent years, whether in a senior apartment, assisted living, or eventually nursing home, she always talked to people, asked questions and got to know them, whether an aide studying for nursing school, a staff person who just happened to be from South Dakota, or another resident who grew up "on the farm" like her -- she listened to their stories, told them some stories of her own, and gave unsolicited advice with a positive attitude and encouraging personality.

She used to say age was "just a number," and wasn't one to tell her age - until after she was 80! Between the way she acted and how she looked (hair color helps...) people always thought she was younger than her age. When Mike was very young, he once asked her how old she was. Her answer: "I'm not as young as I used to be, and not as old as I hope to be." Classic Mae!

I don't feel at all shortchanged after having my mom in my life for 51 years. However, I admit to a bit of melancholy today...

I wish my mom would have been here for Jenna's wedding, and could see her adult granddaughter now using her talents and skills and extraverted personality in a job she loves and in ministry for her church. I wish she could have been here to see Michael's passion for music lead him to Luther College to become an integral part of Luther Jazz, while her head for business would have nodded in approval at his choice to major in Economics.

And I wish my mom could have met Matt, the grandson she never knew. I believe at this stage in all of our lives, she would have welcomed him into her life, and would have been eager to hear his story -- about his life growing up, his musical experiences and eventual career path, his adoptive family and his wife, and her great-grandson. She was assertive, yes, and often outspoken -- but was also a loving, good hearted, generous person. Although I can never prove it, this is what my heart believes.

So, today: a bit of musing, a bit of melancholy, and overall a tribute to my mom, Mae, who had so much to do with who I am.

Love you, Mom.

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