July 30, 2014

To answer that question...

I've been sharing this blog for a week now. One of the groups of people I've shared with included friends from our former church in Lake Elmo. I've played with the worship team there a couple of times this summer to help fill the summer music gaps, and we were just there last Sunday.

What fun to see these friends from my church who had just read my story! I was greeted with hugs and affirmation; my heart was warmed that people seemed to genuinely share in the joy I've felt since Matt found me.  

A question I heard more than once on Sunday was, "What does he look like? Does he look like you?" With photos as close as my phone, I was able to show them a picture or two of Matt and let them see for themselves. 

And then I thought perhaps a few more people have had the same question, so I'm including just one sneak preview here. The second time we got together I met Matt's wife Lora, and she took this picture that day...


I'll be writing another post soon... about the day Matt first contacted me, about our beginning to get to know each other... another photo or two, and of course at least one of grandbaby Crosby. :)

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